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  • Aglaonema Chinese Evergreens

Aglaonema Chinese Evergreens

  • As Shown Chinese evergreen plant: 8 Inch Pot 22 Inch H 
  • Deluxe Chinese evergreen plant: 10 Inch Pot 30 Inch H 

Chinese Evergreen   also known as Aglaonema plant,  is one of the most  versatile, adaptable and long lived plants to grow indoors,  which makes the plant an excellent office plant to add a piece of nature to your office environment. Traditionally, Chinese evergreen is believed to bring happiness and long life to those who care for the plant. Originated from tropical forests of Southeast Asia, Chinese evergreen grows about 8-26 inches long and produces leaves ranging from dark green to grey green and silver shades.  A mature Chinese evergreen plant may bloom in summer time.  The Arum-like flowers looks like Calla lilies and are followed by red berries. Most parts of Chinese evergreen plant, including the sap and berries are poisonous and can cause irritation; therefore Aglaonema plant should be kept away from pets and children.

Care instruction:

Temperature: Chinese evergreen plants grow best in temperature, ranging from 68 to 77 Fahrenheit, which makes them a perfect candidate for indoor and office plants. Their environment’s temperature should not drop below 55 Fahrenheit.

Light: Chinese Evergreen love light, but they can grow on semi-shaded areas. However you need to keep it away from direct sunlight.

Water: Chinese Evergreen plants require moderate watering.  In case your bottom leaves begin to yellow and fall off, most probably you are under watering the plant.

Repotting: The best time to repot Chinese evergreen is in spring and you could repot your plant every three years.

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Aglaonema Chinese Evergreens

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