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Air Purifying Plants

Air purifying plants can make a room seem more personal and charming because plants are a beautiful addition to a home. Like all plants, air purifying plants can produce oxygen but these plants can also filter out harmful toxins! If you have a room with little air flow, consider adding an air purifying plant. But in general, adding air purifying plants to any room is a good idea! 

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Aglaonema Chinese Evergreens
Schefflera Amate
Tropical Bromeliad
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Air purifying plants are a great accessory item because of their ability to purify the air. In the 1980's NASA studied houseplants. Why? So they can find ways to purify the air in space stations!

We already know that plants can produce oxygen, but according to NASA's research, when you add a purifying plant to your room you can expect a reduction in harmful toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde, particularly in spaces that have little air flow. 

So do you find your room stuffy? If so, you might have a room that lacks air flow. In that case, consider adding an air purifying plant to your room to lessen the build-up of air pollution and to decrease the chances of developing health issues such as asthma. Adding an air purifying plant to your room provides additional benefits that plants provide such as increasing productivity, improving mood and reducing stress. 

Consider the following easy to maintain air purifying plants: 

  • Peace lilies
  • Spider plants
  • Snake plants
  • Bamboo palms