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Acacia Plant

  • The Acacia plant is known in Ancient Egypt mythology as the tree of life. It is a beautiful plant with yellow ball-like flower heads that bloom either during the winter or during spring. In order for the plant to stay alive and healthy it must be watered regularly and be kept in an average warm temperature and during winter in moderately cool temperature. To keep the plant fresh it should preferably be kept outside during summer and spring and be brought inside during autumn and winter due to the cold weather.

Acalypha Plant

  • This unique plant as beautiful and intriguing as it seems, is very tricky to take care of. This plant is always in need of high humidity in the air, which is why it will adjust very well inside a greenhouse. If the plant is left in dry air, the leaves will start to fall and as the plant is to grow very tall as much as six feet tall it is essential to change the pot annually. The soil should also be moist at all times in order for it to remain fresh.

Achimenes Plant

  • The Achimenes plant is an excellent home gift and comes in many colours such as blue, purple, yellow, white, and pink. The care for this plant is very simple as it should only be kept in a fairly warm temperature and to always keep the soil moist every day. Mist every now and then around the plant and never directly water the leaves. The flowers though they do not live for long, the flowering time for the plant is between summer and fall.

Aeschynanthus plant

  • This plant is a perfect decoration for a home living room. This plant should be kept in an average warm temperature and maybe even warmer temperature for it to stay alive. Though watering regularly is essential, it is also necessary to mist the leaves with water almost every day.


  • The Acorus plant works great as an office decoration as it does not require much close eyed attention. Though it does not need excessive care, it should ideally be kept under cool temperature and to keep the soil moist all the time.


  • This beautiful plant can bring colour and warmth into an empty space. It needs the most attention during summer than it does in winter. During the warm season it should be left on a sunny spot and be watered regularly. During winter, it does not require you to water it frequently, every now and then will be just fine.


  • This beautiful bright plant prefers the warm air more than anything. It should be kept in a warm and sunny place during summer and still be left in a warm temperature during winter. It does not require you to water it regularly during the warm seasons, but it should be watered more often during winter.


  • This plant comes in many kinds of designs and needs special care in order for it to stay alive. To keep it alive and healthy, you need to water it in very small amounts during winter and much more during spring. It is also essential that you mist the leaves often. It should also not be left in spot with direct sunlight but still in a spot where it can receive light.


  • The Alocasia plant is a perfect decoration for an office and even in a garden at home. This plant is always in need of very warm temperature. To keep this plant alive these are a few things you must do. Their compost needs to be moist all the time. During winter, water the plant small amounts during winter. It is also essential that leaves receive mist often.


  • This extremely beautiful and exotic looking plant is a perfect decoration for you home living room. To keep it fresh and beautiful it will need to be watered every now and then to keep the compost moist all the time. The leaves of the plant must receive mist often to keep it from becoming dry.


  • This beautiful and mystical looking plant is great for decorating on a windowsill. To keep it fresh and alive there are few things that should be done in order to do so. It will need the average warmth temperature. It will need small amounts of water during winter and much more during the warm seasons.


  •  This beautiful bright plant is a great decoration for a living room or even a bedroom. However this plant after a few months will slowly start to lose its leaf and start hanging. To prevent this from happening, the compost of the plant needs to be moist all the time and to mist the leaves very often. It will need to be an average room temperature.


  • This lovely plant is excellent for decorating home rooms as well as offices. It is quite easy to take care of. It will need to be kept in an average warm room temperature during warm seasons and be kept fairly cool during winter. As with most plants it needs to be watered on a regular basis and to be watered in small amounts during winter. It is essential to mist the leaves often as well for it not to get dry.


  • This Christmas plant is one of the best decorations to put on during the holiday. Its berries start to show after the small flowers that come in summer. Its leaves must receive mist often and the compost must be wet all the time and for the plant to be kept in an average warm temperature for it to stay fresh and alive.


  • This frost looking plant is not only beautiful, but also very easy to take care of. This plant should be kept under fairly cool conditions and to keep the compost moist all the time while it is still growing. During winter, it should be watered with small amounts of water.


  • The different forms of asparagus, is used for home decorations as well as flower arrangements. It should be kept at an average temperature, and must water on a daily basis during the warm seasons. Water a very small amount to the plant during winter. It is also essential that the plant receives mist every now and then.


  • This plant a perfect house plant. It is incredibly tolerable of home living condition. Though it may be tolerant of dry air, it will need to be misted every once in a while. Like most plants, it must watered on a daily basis during spring through fall, but must be watered a smaller amount of water during winter.


This beautiful and colourful plant, is perfect for a room decoration. To keep it beautiful and fresh it must be kept in a cool temperature, or an average temperature. The compost of the plant must be moist all the time. The leaves must be misted every once in a while in order to avoid dryness.


  • This curious looking plant, is a great house warming gift or an at home decoration. To keep it alive and fresh, it must be kept in an average temperature during the warm seasons, and be kept in a much cooler temperature during winter. The leaves must be misted often and even more so during winter. If brown edges appear on the leaves, it means it is not receiving enough water, so you must make sure that the plant is being watered on a daily basis from spring through fall but be watered less during winter.


  • This very beautiful and bright plant, is perfect for decorating your home or be given as a housewarming gift. But to keep this plant beautiful it must stay in a rather cool temperature. The compost must be wet all the time and the leaves and flowers must be misted while the plant is still in its flowering season.