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  • Philodendron Monstera

Philodendron Monstera Plant 

Philodendron Monstera

Monstera deliciosa  philodendron monstera is a species of flowering plant andemic to grassland forests of southern Mexico to Panama. These plants are commonly grown as venture houseplant. It belongs to a family of the plant called Araceae. It has shiny, heart-shaped, or rounded antelope that develop endless fissure and egg-shaped philodendron monstera as they grow old. The leaves may be as much 18 broad on a foot-long axis.


The fruit of this plant is up to 25 cm long and 1.2 in diameter, and it looks like green maize covered with estoile scales. Although This plant lives in moist tropical forests in the lowlands and middle of the mountains. These plants grow very tall but only 2 to 3 meters when grown indoors. When these plants get older its leaves are covered with its familiar large perforations. It can take ten months for the fruit of this plant to plump, and if you eat unripe fruit, it can burn your throat.

  • Temperature 

Monstera deliciosa plants like average homely temperatures (20–30 °C).

  • Light 

These plants prefer high moist and strain, divergent light. These plants can be grown outdoors in a shaded location. Too much harsh sunlight can result in burning, but if it doesn’t get enough, the plant may not develop as many pertusions in its leaves.

  • Water Planting

These plants are climbers. It uses its birdlike roots to hold on to too large trees, so we should provide it with moss-topped support sticks. If the aerial roots of this plant get unruly, you can use kempt them, but it’s best to just put them back into the pot. They’re not the type of roots that damage walls. Keep leaves clean and dust-free by washing them with a wet and neat cloth. For better results, dip the fabric in a solution of a few drops of detergent and a glass of water.

  • Air Humidity Propagation

The humidity level of this plant is 40%. Take very good care of your Monstera plant by spraying it twice a week in the morning. Stem cutting and easy to root commonly propagated this plant.

  • As Shown plant is approximately: 28 inches tall and will arrive in a 10 inch diameter pot
  • Deluxe plant is approximately: 35 inches tall and will arrive in a 12 inch diameter pot

Container may vary.

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Philodendron Monstera

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