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Short Plants

Short plants are a great accessory to add to your office space. They can be beautifully added to any corner of your office, perhaps next to the coat rack. A great feature of plants in general, is that they can purify the air in your office, so choose your short plant today! Consider choosing different Pots and Containers for your short plant. Also, browse through our selection of Tabletop Plants and Money Tree. We also deliver to any office in Toronto and the GTA.

Variegated English Ivy
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Hanging Houseplants

Hanging houseplants are a great option for any room but especially for small rooms since they maximize space. Consider adding hanging houseplants in a corner of a room.  Mismatching several hanging plants with different lengths can also add a unique and earthy feel to a room. You can also add hanging houseplants outside your house as a beautiful greeting.

Hanging houseplants are a beautiful way of adding plants to a room. Though it takes a little bit more assembly by adding a hook to a ceiling the reword is worth it. There are always different ways of using hanging houseplants, you can simply add an Ivy hanging houseplant to a shelf or even a vintage stool and let the vines fall, this gives a wonderful effect. Popular hanging plants include asparagus ferns, golden pothos, and philodendron. Popular outdoor hanging plants include petunia and pink geranium.