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  • Variegated English Ivy

Variegated English Ivy

Variegated English Ivy

Variegated English Ivy has attractive creamy white-variegated green herbage. The shiny chunk leaves are highly creative and remain green throughout the winter. Variegated English Ivy belongs to a species of Helix.                                        

Landscape attributes

Variegated English Ivy is a circuitous evergreen arboraceous vine with a touching and chasing habit of maturation. Its general firmness blends landscape but can balance by one or two more magnificent or amateurish trees or burr for useful conformity. This flower requires occasional maintenance and living and can be a snip at any time. Gardeners should be aware of the following characteristics that may require special acknowledgement consideration; Spreading this flower is for the following landscape applications; Fences/Masking General Garden Use leaf mould barrel Planting.

Growing & Planting

Variegated English Ivy will grow near about 8 inches tall at maturity, with a brazen of 10 feet. As a climbing vine, it tends to be bony near the indecent and should underplant with low-growing facer plants. These plants must plant near a barricade, grille or other landscape structure where it can grow upwards, or allowed to trail off a  wall or any kind of slope. This wooden wine can handle environmental salt. It has the immunity to tolerant urban pollution and will even blossom in inner-city environments and will get benefit from being planted in a sheltered location.


It must be cover with a thick layer of compost in winter to protect it from exposed areas and colder climate patterns. When you grow plants in outdoor containers and any kind of baskets they require more recurring waterings than they would in the garden.

Life of Variegated English Ivy

These plants grow at an average rate and under ideal conditions. These plants can expect to live for approximately 30 years.


These plants perform well in both full sunlight and full shade. It chooses to grow in average to humid conditions, and shouldn't be allowed to dry up.


These plants tolerate indoor temperature, room temperature of 10 to 20 C during the day and -10 to -13 during the night.


It is best to take cutting for propagation in spring or summer, you can root the cuttings you pinch back from an overgrown plant at any time of the year.

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Variegated English Ivy

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