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  • Bonsai Tree


What is a Bonsai tree?

The Toronto Office Bonsai tree is an indoor plant grown mainly for its artistic nature i.e. growing the ornamental and artificial dwarf plants in pots.

Its scientific name is Juniperus chinensis

What are the factors that influence the growth of Toronto Office indoor Bonsai trees?

Care tips for Bonsai trees   

  • Irrigation

Water the plant when the soil starts drying up. Do not allow the soil to dry up completely before watering. You can do this once the top most layer of soil is dry.

  • Fertilizer application

In order to achieve a healthy plant, feeding is required. Apply fertilizer depending on the stage of plant development. Younger plants require more fertilizer for faster growth while older plants require less fertilizer.

  • Soil

Choose a soil mixture that has good aeration, good drainage capacity and rich in nutrients. The best media used are pumice, lava rock and fine gravel.

  • Lighting

This is very essential in the growth of these plants. However, this does not mean that they should be exposed to too much sunlight. Bright, indirect sunlight is the best. Avoid too much light that may scorch the plants. On the other hand, less light will make the plants dull and start dying.

  • Pruning

Use clean bonsai clippers to remove any dead branches. The aim of pruning is to have a good plant shape, reduce competition for food and allow light penetration.

  • Propagation

Cut a side shoot from the main plant, dip in a rooting hormone and the plant it in soil. Water thoroughly and keep the plant moist but not wet.

Advantages of the Toronto Office indoor Bonsai trees

  • First, Bonsai trees are a symbol of god luck, peace, harmony and serenity.
  • Secondly, they are known to cure dry coughs, fatigue and sore throats.
  • Thirdly, they are very good air purifiers in your indoor arenas.
  • Lastly, they are easy to care for since they do not need many maintenance practices.


As Shown: 10" H x 11" W

Deluxe:  12" H x 13" W

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Bonsai Tree

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