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  • Succulent Dish Garden

Succulent Dish Garden.

The Toronto Office Succulent Dish Garden is an indoor fleshy and drought-tolerant plant that requires less maintenance practices. It can survive in harsh weather conditions since they store water in their fleshy stems.

How do you grow the plant?

Procedures involved in planting Succulent Dish Gardens

  1. In your pot, place fine gravel at the bottom.
  2. Add charcoal on top of the gravel, add soil at the top then water them.
  3. Lastly, dig holes using hands and then place the plants in the holes. Plant taller plants at the center of the container and surround them with shorter ones.

What are the maintenance practices for the dish garden?

Tips for healthy Succulent Dish Gardens

  • Lighting- they require sufficient light but away from direct sunlight to avoid scorching. On the other hand, too little light results to unhealthy plants hence ensure supply of medium light.
  • Irrigation- Succulent Dish Gardens require less watering since they store water in their stems. Water scarcely, probably once a week. If you use containers without holes at the bottom, water only when the soil dries up completely to avoid root rot that is caused by excessive water retention.
  • Temperature- place these plants in areas with warm and dry air. Avoid exposing them to harsh temperatures in summer and winter.

Give some of the advantages of Succulent from Toronto Offices.

Advantages of our office plants

  • First, they are found in an array of colors and shapes with beautiful containers.
  • Secondly, they are sold at very affordable prices with discounts to our esteemed customers.
  • Third, they are delivered all year round regardless of the time, season, and destination.
  • Lastly, our plants are free from disease and pest attacks and require less maintenance practices.





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Succulent Dish Garden

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