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  • Majesty Palms - New Business Gift Ideas

Majesty Palms - New Business Gift Ideas

  • As Shown Majesty plant Palms: 10 Inch Pot / 5 to 6 Feet Tall 
  •  Deluxe Majesty plant Palms: 12 Inch pot / 5 to 6 Feet Tall & Full

Majesty Palms Ravenea Rivularis, Palm

Majesty palm tree is a commonly houseplant. This palm adds elegant look to any room. you can order it as shown or you can upgrade it and get a taller and fuller plant to add more delightful and elegant look to your office, always or corners of your house.

The Majesty Palms which is a Madagascar native plant is among the popular indoor houseplant in the today's market. The exoticness of this medium-sized plant that measures 6-8 feet tall is enticing. In the outdoor arena.

It is also called Ravenea Rivularis due to its long feathery leaves that arch upwards and off the multiple reeds like stems. In this manner, they are quite likened to butterfly wings. Each frond or leaf contains between 20-40 leaflets on it. In the initial stages of its growth, the Majesty Palms is has a beautiful shade of green and strong upright fronts which diminishes with time. The older bottom fronds usually turn yellow as the large ones droop and bend. 


·      The Majesty Palms require enough of the bright indirect light that is not direct or sunlight too much light burns the fronds and turn them yellow.

·      The top few inches should dry before being watered using pure water or distilled. The soil should be maintained moist but not too soggy. If the plant is allowed to sit in water or watered with chemical or salty water, it may result in spotting on the leaves.

·      The fertilizer used to feed the Majesty palm plants should be liquid. It should also be diluted half the recommended strength to avoid spotting. It should be fed to the actively growing plant on a monthly basis. 

·      The best temperatures for the survival of the Majesty palm is that of between 45-85 degrees during the day The plant is extremely sensitive to any slight drop in optimum temperatures.

·      To maintain the appealing and exotic look of the plant and especially the fronts, always maintain high humidity. 

·      Blooming of the indoor Majesty palm plant is a rare occasion. When it happens, the flowers tend to be very small and can’t be noticed that well. 

·      When it comes to pest infestation, spider mites and mealy bugs are a bother. If an infestation is spotted especially in the fronds, spray with warm soapy water or insecticidal soap that has been diluted at half the recommended strength. Avoid using sprays that contain alcohol as they may damage the fronds.

·      The high humidity that is essential for the Majesty palm plants also attract some diseases like fungus pink rot and Ganoderma. These diseases cannot be treated but preventing them is easier. This can be done by maintaining drier soil as well as maintaining good air circulation around the plant.  

·      The perfect soil for potting this plant is the rich acidic soil that has good drainage. To enhance drainage and make the soil lighter, a little of the builders sand can be added.

·      The Majesty palm should be planted in a container that is twice as big as the size of the root ball. Also, the roots like to be bound, therefore, only report when need be.

·      Pruning should be done to any yellowed or brown fronds as soon as they appear. Tips of the front should be pruned using wet scissors.

·      The Majesty palm plant can be separated using various ways. These ways include seeds, offsets, suckers that are located at the base of a mature plant or by plant division. 

·      Studies have supported the theory of Majesty plant cleaning the air by removing traces of benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene from the air.

·      The plant is non-poisonous. 


I traveled for a few days, and when I came back, my a Majesty palm had turned orange with yellow streaks. What can do?

This may be due to lack of enough water. The discolored fronds should be cut off and then watered well. The water should contain superthrive drops for a little boost.

Please help, how do I get rid of the browning of the tips of the leaves on my a Majesty?

The browning only happens when there is over-watering scenarios, over-fertilization or the water contains traces of chlorine, salt or fluoride. Always allow the top 1-2 inches to dry before watering with distilled water. 

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Majesty Palms - New Business Gift Ideas

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