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  • Guiana Chestnut

Guiana Chestnut

What makes the Guiana Chestnut an absolute favorite with indoor plant lovers is that, it is very easy to take care of.

The Guiana Chestnut is native to the tropical regions, and is usually found near ponds, lakes, and wetlands. This parity with water allows it to withstand the effects of over-watering, a problem that most house plants normally face due to negligent or mis-informed owners.

The Guiana Chestnut is also known as the ‘money plant’, which is an allusion to a story often quoted in reference to the plant. The story tells of a young man who prayed hard for good fortune. On his way back home, he found this beautiful plant, and took it as an omen. The young man planted it in his home, and was rewarded with wealth and fortune. He started growing and selling the ‘money tree’, and in no time, became one of the wealthiest in the land!

Taking care of your Guiana Chestnut:

  • The Guiana Chestnut doesn’t require much care other than watering regularly, and pruning the branches and leaves when needed.
  • The plant loves humid environments, and should be watered every other day in summer and spring. In winter and fall, it needs to be watered less often (twice a week only). The plant should never be allowed to ‘stand in water’ as this can stop growth.
  • Make sure your Guiana Chestnut is placed in a fairly sunny spot, because even though it doesn’t require direct sunlight, all plants depend on the sun for their nutritional needs.
  • As shown 4" pot approximately: 16" h x 10" w
  • Deluxe 6" pot approximately: 20" h x 12" w

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Guiana Chestnut

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