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  • Fortune Sanderiana

Fortune Sanderiana

The Toronto Office Fortune sanderiana indoor plant is a flowering plant belonging to the Asparagaceae family.

Just from the name, it is known to bring fortune, chance, goodluck and assets such as monetary values.

The stem is usually fleshy, which distinguishes it from bamboo. 

It requires bright but indirect sunlight to prevent scorching.

It can withstand dry air and does not need continuous spraying. A very tenacious plant, it is rather difficult to destroy it. 

Care tips for the fotune sanderiana

The Toronto Office fortune sanderiana indoor plant roots should always be kept in water. 

To keep the stalks upright and in place, use rock, pebbles, marbles and polished stones. 

Ensure the water remains at the bottom of the container. 

Never at any time use soil even if it is of good drainage. 

Clean the plant leaves often by spraying with water. 

Change the container water often and trench off the dirty one. 

Place in areas with bright sunlight but indirect.


Soft tip cuttings which are mostly new leafy growth are always hard to grow. Placing them in water regularly causes them to rot and rooting can be hard. Use healthy and strong stalks that are of a good vigour. 

Place the cuttings in a container of water and give them ample time to root. After some weeks, they will start growing roots. Once the roots are strong, transfer them and grow them individually or as you wish. 

Importance of the sanderiana

First, the Toronto Office indoor fortune sanderiana is a suitable aquarium plant due to its ability to grow in water. It provides aeration to the aquarium water which is beneficial to fish. 

Secondly, it is a low maintenance plant because it does not need much water, sunlight or pruning unlike other indoor plants. 

Finally, it is used for decoration purposes and sold in decorative pots.   

As shown approximately: 8" h x 4" w

Deluxe approximately: 10" h x 5" w

Premium approximately: 12" h x 7" w

The height measurement refers to the bamboo stem not the leaves. Bamboos vary in the amount of leaf, hence the height measurements does not include the leaves. 

Container may vary.

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Fortune Sanderiana

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