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Tropical Plant Maintenance | Office Plants Service

How Do I To Maintain an Office Plant in Toronto, Canada?

Have you ever noticed how many plants are actually in the everyday workroom? If you have seen an increasing amount over the last few years, this is no coincidence. Greenery within the workplace, not only boosts morale, as the oxygen and from the foliage aids in enhancing a healthy lifestyle, but is visually appealing, providing colour in the workplace where there otherwise is none.  Office spaces big and small have began to incorporate green spaces as a way to bring the workers closer nature.

Elements Needed for Natural Indoor Office Plants

Maintaining indoor plants is not as simple as one would think. As the elements for the plant to survive are man-made, they have to be very specific in order for the plants to flourish. If the plants are not taken care of in the particular ways needed, they will not benefit anymore as the employees are no longer surrounded by lush greenery, but wilted plants. In order to ensure the plants thrive in their new home, they need to have there must be research done. Since most plants vary in their needs, how they will stay in the best condition varies. For example, some plants require:

  • indirect or direct sunlight
  • specific watering instructions
  • wet or dry soils depending on their nutritional needs

In most cases, the plants purchased for the workplace are relatively low-maintenance. Some of the requirements needed to have an office plant include:

  • pruning
  • watering
  • cleaning and dusting
  • proper light arrangement
  • elimination of insects (if necessary)
  • fertilization
  • repotting as the plant continues to grow

While this may seem like a long list, these are all habits that must be performed in order to have long-lasting plants that brighten a space. Luckily, these are all maintenance services that Toronto Office Plants provides. We know how much time, effort, and attention goes into growing plants, and we are more than happy to provide that service for you. We have specialists who are well-versed in providing the best conditions for all varieties of office plants. They aid in making sure that your plants have the proper environment for them to thrive, ensuring lush, vibrant, and visually appealing foliage for any office setting. We are located at 9961 Yonge St. Richmond Hill, ON L4C 1T9, and can provide services throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

The Difference Between Artificial and Natural Indoor Plants

Artificial plants have been a staple in workplaces as they are require minimal maintenance. While synthetic plants simply need to be dusted, they do not provide the same benefits as natural greenery. The artificial plants may look the same as natural plants, they cannot breathe life into a workspace in the same manner that real foliage does. Synthetic plants have the following downfalls:

  • the sheen will fade away, leaving you with a lackluster piece of plastic
  • the air quality does not improve
  • you will have to keep buying them to maintain a look that appears natural

Most office workplaces can support natural greenery. If you are unsure of what would best suit the environment, fell free to contact us via phone or email at 416-568-8009 and orders@torontoofficeplants.com. Our plant specialist will gladly help you find what works best for the space.

Rental Indoor Office Plants and their Maintenance:

If you would like to have a cost efficient alternative to purchasing your office's plants, renting plants is the next best thing. You are able to have the benefits of natural plants without the high cost. We include a cleaning and upkeep service, as you will not have to worry about the wellbeing of your rented foliage. You are even able to ask for replacements of the plants after some time, granting you the ability to experience many different types of plants.

Benefits of Hiring Toronto Office Plants for Indoor Plant Maintenance:

After reading all of the pros of having greenery in the office, you may be wondering why you should choose Toronto Office Plants for the job. Firstly, we are not new to the plant industry. We have be experts in this field for several years, this thousands of happy customers throughout the Greater Toronto Area and Canada.

Some of the highlights of hiring us are:

  • Our focus is customer service. We strive to ensure that you get exactly want you want, every time.
  • Time management is crucial to every successful business. By hiring us, you are able to spend time focusing on your business, while we attend to the plants.
  • You do not need to purchase special equipment to maintain the plants, as we will have that taken care of.
  • Save money by not hiring permanent employees to tend to the plants.
  • Plants boost workplace morale, resulting in better sales.
  • Our use of space-friendly plants. Perfect for smaller work environments.
  • Our specialists will help you create the best arrangements for your workplace.

So what are you waiting for? The time is now to contact Toronto Office Plants at 416-568-8009 and orders@torontoofficeplants.com to make the most out of your office space!


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