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Feng Shui Money Plant

Feng Shui trees are believed to bring good fortune and luck to the place they are planted in, making them ideal for home and office environments.

Feng Shui are resistant plants that can not only survive in mildly harsh environments, but thrive in slightly adverse weather. This makes these gorgeous plants a favorite among home and interior décor connoisseurs. They are bound to lift the mood of any office, and will definitely allow the tension and stress of the workplace to be funneled out!

Feng Shui plants are found in and around the tropical regions, which makes them quite suitable for all conditions. They don’t require much care either, apart from the usual routines of watering regularly and placing them in a sunny spot. 

Taking Care of your Feng Shui:

a.       Feng Shui are hardy plant species and don’t require extensive care, other than regular watering.

b.       Wild Feng Shui can grow up to 60 ft. but indoor house plants only grow up to 5-7 ft. maximum. They can be trained to grow as bonsai plants, by regularly changing the side that is facing the sun!

c.       Since their growth rate is not extraordinarily high, they don’t require much fertilizer. Yo’ll have to use a liquid fertilizer only 3-4 times a year. 

As shown 10" pot approximately: 30" h x 26" w

Deluxe 12" pot approximately: 42" h x 26" w

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Feng Shui

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